From end of June to mid September

The most coveted destination of all the mountaineers, Regina Margherita Hut, the highest hut in Europe offers you an unbelievable view, that ranges from the Marittim Alps to the Bernen Oberland, from the 4000 Swiss peaks up to the Central Alps.

Spending the night at the highest hut in Europe gives you the possibility to admire the sunset and the sunrise from one of the most panoramic points of the Alps. On the third day it will be possible to reach the summit of P. Zumstain, P. Parrot, Ludwigshoe, Swarzhorn, Balmenhorn and P. Vincent, climbing 6 peaks over 4000m.

Private groups can choose different dates depending on their needs.

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Travel Program


Walking up to Mantova Hut m 3498

Meeting with our Mountain Guide in Alagna (lift station) at 2 p.m..Go up with the lift untill Punta Indren and then walk up till Mantova Hut. Dinner and overnigh in the hut.

Walk up, 230 m,1h


Climb to the top of Capanna Margherita Hut m 4559

Leave early in the morning and on the way up climb: Balmenhorn m 4167, Swarzhorn m 4322 and Parrot Spitze m 4436, and then reach the great summit: Punta Gnifetti and the highest Hut in Europe : Capanna Margherita. Dinner and overnight in the hut.

Walk up, 1250 m, 6h


Climb Zumstain Spitze m 4563 and coming back

Leave early in the morning and climb Punta Zumstein, then walk down till Punta Indren and with the lift come back to Alagna (4-5 hours walking)

Walk up m 100, Way down, m 1500 - 5 ore

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TECHNICAL INFO:.The ascent to Capanna Margherita hasn’ t particular technical difficulties. It takes place through great glaciers (sometimes large crevasses are presents) on gentle slopes. The steepest part (35 °) is just on the last step (about 50 meters) before the summit. The ascent to the other peaks involves overcoming slopes up to 45 ° on snow and ice, and short sections on rock ridge (I°)



F+ / Easy +

Skills required

Good workout is required. Special technical skills are not needed

Duration, Participants and Deadline

Duration Min Max Deadline
3 days 1 5


High mountain clothing, Crampons, Harness, Ice axe


Alpine Club Card is recommended


4 people300,00 €per person
3 people380,00 €per person
2 people460,00 €per person
1 person850,00 €per person

Rate details

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Support and assistance of a U.I.A.G.M. Mountain Guide, all the technical equipment in common use, reservation to the Huts and logistics, rental of technical equipment if you need

THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Round trip cable car (Alagna/P.ta Indren ), half board in the huts. Guide’s lift ticket and half board in the hut will be shared by participants.