From December to March

The proposals of Lyskamm4000's Mountain Guides, ranging in the most popular North-West areas: Gondo, Cogne and Sesia Valley. Here, every ice climber will find the icefall of his dreams.

The shining world of ice falls .. when the magic of winter cold comes in our mountains to silence the streams, forming these ephemeral blue and fascinating lines, creating games of stalactites and columns dangling as ornaments on the walls. From that moment the game begins.

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Travel Program


Climb according ice fall

Transfer early in the morning to the agreed area. Equipment check, distribution missing materials and climb the according icefall. During the day you can explore the themes related to safety and self-rescue in the wall.

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TECHNICAL INFO: The difficulties of climbs, vary because of experience and technical skills of participants. The Lyskamm4000 Guide below offer you an ice falls choice among the many possibilities. The difficulties ranging between grade 3 and grade 5, but on request we would be happy to accompany you on ice falls of any level.


Corvo nero non avrà il mio scalpo: Great classic of Gondo, 300 meters long and with difficulties II / 4. For average climbers.

Liquirizia: Beautiful climb guly stile in Gondo. 400m long with difficulties III / 4. For average climbers.

Cascatone di Gabi: An impressive ice fall located in the Gondo Gorges heart. Long 200m with difficulty III / 5. It requires a good experience.

Goulotte di Rima: Located in Sermenza Valley is a beautiful line 250m long with difficulties II / 3. Perfect for beginners.

Cascatone di Dsender: Great ice fall located in Otro valley in the bottom of Sesia Valley. 250m long has difficulties III / 4 +. For average climbers.

Lacrima: Very particular ice fall arising from a source at 150 mt from the ground. Located in Sesia Valley opposed difficulties of III / 5. It require a good experience.

Cascata di Patri: Super Classic and beautiful ice fall located in Valnontey (Cogne). 300m long with difficulties II / 3 +. For beginners.

Stella Artice: Superb line just above Lillaz. 180m of a large structure of stalactites. Difficulties II / 5. It require a good experience.



AD / Fairly Difficult

Skills required

Differents skills are required depending on the climb difficulty

Duration, Participants and Deadline

Duration Min Max Deadline
1 day 1 2


High mountain gear, ice axes and crampons, harness, helmet


Alpine Club Card is recommended


2 people200,00 €per person
1 person350,00 €per person

Rate details

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Support, assistance and teaching of a Mountain Guide U.I.A.G.M. certified, all the technical equipment in common use, logistics, rental of technical equipment if you need (harness, crampons, ice tool, helmet ),

THE PRICE DOESN’ T INCLUDE: Personal expenses, costs of board and lodging, Guide expenses will be shared by participants, injury insurance.