From July to mid September

Dent d' Herens unfortunately lives in the shadow of Matterhorn. For this reason it receives much less interest from mountaineers. This is a pity because its elegance and beauty can gives strong emotions.

The climb to the summit alternates beautiful rocky sections and long snowy slopes, making the climb very varied and complete.This itinerary It’s never crowded because of the long approach to the Hut so you can just enjoy the mountains’ element.

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Travel Program


Climb to Aosta Hut

Meeting with the Mountain Guide early in the morning and transfer to Pelline Valley, to Place Moulin dam 1950 m. From there, along a comfortable trail, we’ ll climb entirely the long valley up to Aosta Hut m 2780. Dinner and overnight.

Walk up 830 m - 4 hours


Climb to the top

Departure very early (around 3:00), on a debris morena and then along the glacier up to m 3520 where the ridge begins. After climbing several beautiful rocky steps up to III ° / III ° +, we’ ll reach the beginning of the big snow slope leading us to the final part.. After a short but very exposed stretch on the north ridge we’ ll reach the great summit . The descent is along the same itinerary until the end of the snowy shoulder and then with several rappels to the glacier. From here the way back is still very long (approximately 6 hours to our car)

Walk up 1380 m - down 2210 m - 11/12 hours

More details

TECHNICAL INFO : The climb to Dent d'Herens is wrongly not considered. The climb to the summit is on a very varied terrain with difficulty on rock up to III * +, snow and ice up to 45 °. The last part is easy but very exposed. Because of the overall length of the itinerary, it must be done only with excellent training.

The accompaniment of two participants will be decided by the Guide in according to their experience and technical skills.



AD+ / Fairly Difficult +

Skills required

Excellent physical shape, good training and practice in the use of ice axe and crampons are required, Basic rock climbing experience is required

Duration, Participants and Deadline

Duration Min Max Deadline
2 days 1 2


High mountain clothing, harness, crampons, ice axe, helmet, head light


Alpine Club Card is recommended


1 person850,00 €per person

Rate details

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Support and assistance of a U.I.A.G.M. Mountain Guide, all the technical equipment in common use, rental of technical equipment if you need (harness, crampons, ice axe, helmet), logistics and reservation to the Hut.

THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Transfer to Val Pelline, half board to the Hut. Guide’s half board will be shared by participants, injury insurance.