From December to May 2022

An adventure suitable for everybody, either for begineers who are moving their first steps on this activity or for experienced skiers who are looking for more serious and challenging ascents.

We’ll ski on wild valleys, far away from noisy and crowded lifts stations, into the muffled silence of the winter mountains.

The itinerary will be chosen according with your technical and physical level.

Always looking for the best snow, keeping an eye on safety.

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Travel Program


Bespoke Ski Touring and Splitboarding day excursion

Meeting with the Mountain Guide early in the morning in the chosen location. After the check of the personal equipment and a short briefing, we’ll beging our ascent. Once on the top we’ll ski down on the same slopes or through a circular route.

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Colle del Piccolo Altare - Rima, Val Sermenza - Disl. 1200m BS

Bocchetta del Bambino - Rima, Val Sermenza - Disl. 1280m OS 40°

Colle del Termo - Carcoforo, Val Sermenza - Disl. 1050m BS

Bocchetta degli Strienghi - Carcofoto, Val Sermenza - Disl. 1050 BS

Colle della Piana - Rassa, Val Gronda - Disl. 1050m BS

P.ta Scalaccia - Rassa, Val Sorba - Disl. 1100m MS

Vallone del Fornale - Riva Valdobbia - Disl. 1250m BS

Giro dei Tre Laghi - Riva Valdobbia - Disl. 1300m BS (anello)

Colle del Turlo - Alagna - Disl. 1450m BS

Galehorn – passo del Sempione – Disl. 1000m BS

Breithorn – passo del Sempione – Disl. 1450m BS

Pizzo Bandiera – Alpe Devero – Disl. 1200m BS

M.te Cervandone (canalino Ferraris) – Alpe Devero - 1600m OSA

Tour della Valdeserta – Alpe Devero – 1200m BS (anello)

Corno Orientale di Nefelgiù – Riale (Formazza) – 1000m MS

These are few examples, there are plenty of other different options: write us in order to plan the best trip for you.



F / Easy

Skills required

Basic ski skills are required

Duration, Participants and Deadline

Duration Min Max Deadline
1 day 1 7


Full ski touring equipement, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe


No documents are required


1 person320,00 €per person
2 people170,00 €per person
3 people120,00 €per person
4 people95,00 €per person
5 people80,00 €per person
6 people70,00 €per person

Rate details

WHAT’S INCLUEDED: Support and assistance of a U.I.A.G.M certified Mountain Guide, all the technical equipment in common use, the renting of the safety kit, harness, crampons, ice axe (if needed), logistics, R.C.T insurance.

WHAT’S NOT INCLUEDED: transfer to the chosen location, lunch and drinks, personal injury insurance, everything is not mentioned in “WHAT’S INCLUEDED”.